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Personality characteristics about Alaska dogs

Personality characteristics about Alaska dogs

Although bearing many wild characteristics of its ancestors, the wolf is strong, durable and fast. But over thousands of years of human domestication, Alaska gradually lost its fierce instinct that became gentle, patient.

Smart agility

Alaska is a fairly smart dog should be able to learn very fast and very obedient. They like young children and always get along well with other pets, never attack small pets and enjoy working.

However, with a nature like to exercise and prefer to do the hard work, this breed requires daily training. They hate being restrained, locked up like other dogs. If for a long period of captivity, not being able to move freely, Alaskan dogs will be very vulnerable to stress, or vandalism, even more aggressive.

Absolutely loyal

With the herd nature always available subconsciously, if raised from a young age, they will treat their owners like a “leader” and absolutely obey, serve and protect all of them. family members and territories from what they consider dangerous, including the sacrifice of oneself. Therefore, in the world there are many touching stories about the loyalty, sacrifice of Alaskan dogs in protecting their owners.

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