The characteristics of steel pipe of Manh Ha Steel company

Manh Ha Steel Company offers customers the most competitive price profiles in the market. Shaped iron is one of the most versatile and arguably the most important building materials on earth. Engineers have used shaped steel to carry out modern works, built huge skyscrapers and bridges that have existed for hundreds of years, contributing to the formation of a developed country. Our company would like to offer our customers the price list of competitive construction materials in the market such as bảng báo giá thép hìnhbảng báo giá thép ốngbảng báo giá thép hộp, shaped steel, Shaped steel price, giá thép hộp đen… are taken from large factories such as Vietnam Japan steel, Pomina steel, Southern steel, Hoa Phat Steel …

thép ống đen, thep ong den

The characteristics of Thép ống of Manh Ha Steel company

Steel pipe advantages

They are steel for outstanding advantages in industrial construction, and steel pipes possess the advantages of the strongest metal:


It is one of the outstanding advantages of thép ống, they have very good pressure resistance. Their structure is hollow, thin-walled, light weight but able to withstand pressure. In addition to the characteristics on steel pipes, it requires more ability to withstand all harsh weather from the environment.

Thus, steel pipes are fully equipped with the necessary characteristics to be applicable in all fields.

Corrosion resistance

The highlight of steel pipe is its ability to meet the construction of the sea, places with moisture, harsh weather with other steels that are very prone to corrosion. So for steel pipe products and galvanized is the perfect choice for every project. When the quality of galvanized steel layer will create a layer of protection against surface corrosion, the highest corrosion resistance to rust.

Easy to set up

As light weight is an advantage for moving products, this will also be very beneficial in steel pipe installations. Also, the use of long-lasting steel pipes reduces costs, repairs and maintenance of the product. Installation of simple steel pipes makes it easy for the construction progress to be improved …

Application of steel pipe

The steel pipe is divided into many different categories for a variety of uses in different environments.

Usually with bearing capacity and abrasion resistance, round steel pipes are used to make water pipes in high-rise buildings.

And applications in industrial construction such as building house frames, workshop frames, ultrasonic poles, public lighting poles …

With many different sizes of steel pipes are also used in industrial production such as automobile frames, motorbikes … even beds, tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets …

Thus, it can be seen that extremely useful steel pipe is not only for construction industry but also for civil use. With the galvanized steel pipe, hot dip galvanized … have the advantages of superior surface wear.

thép ống mạ kẽm, thep ong ma kem

The latest giá thép ống pipes in 2020 for customers

bang bao gia thep ong, bảng báo giá thép ống

Conclusion on steel pipe, steel pipe

And to choose the quality steel pipe should consult and choose a reputable steel pipe supplier. At the same time, it must be based on the purpose of use to select the type of steel pipe, size to suit the purpose of use. When learning and choosing the right steel works will become safer and more secure.

The above article has provided you what are steel pipes, steel pipes and their applications. With quality steel pipe products, they have become a key product line in the construction industry


Steel box used to do?

Manh Tien Phat Iron and Steel Co., Ltd specializes in providing price list of construction materials such as bảng báo giá thép hìnhbảng báo giá thép ốngbảng báo giá thép hộp, shaped steel, Shaped steel price, giá thép hộp đen… As the number one unit in providing cheap price list materials taken from manufacturing factories from big factories, of famous brands such as Vietnam Japan steel, Southern steel, Pomina steel, Hoa Phat steel. ..with reputable modern production line.

Manh Tien Phat Iron and Steel Company has a team of experienced sales staff in consulting as well as providing professional iron and steel products and small and large fleet of trucks, forklifts, steel material transport vehicles. modern vehicles to meet all needs of transporting iron and steel to all projects for customers. In particular, the company also offers cheap box steel price lists for customers referenced in the article below for reference customers.

Bảng báo giá thép hộp đen

Thép hộp specifications

Product: black box steel and galvanized steel box

Specification of steel box (with cutting iron and steel as required from customers)

Steel square box: 12 × 12, 14 × 14, 16 × 16, 20 × 20, 25 × 25, 30 × 30, 40 × 40, 50 × 50, 60 × 60, 75 × 75, 90 × 90, 100 × 100.

Steel rectangular box: 10 × 30, 13 × 26, 20 × 40, 25 × 50, 30 × 60, 40 × 80, 45 × 90, 50 × 100, 60 × 120, 100 × 150, 100 × 200.

Standard tree length: 6m

Thickness: 0.6 – 3.5mm

Bảng báo giá thép hộp 2020 quotes

Latest price giá sắt hộp in real time for customers to refer. However, domestic iron and steel prices are always affected by the world iron and steel market. Therefore, to receive the most accurate quotation at the right time of order, please send your request via email or phone to the Hotline for the best support.

Quotation box of zinc steel
Contact buy black steel box types
Hotline: 0944 939 990 – 0937 000 999

Bảng báo giá thép hộp kẽm, bang bao gia thep hop kem

Price list black steel box
Contact buy black steel box types
Hotline: 0944 393 990 – 0937 200 999

Bảng báo giá thép hộp đen, bang bao gia thep hop den

  • Standard tree length: 6m
  • Prices include VAT
  • Weight tolerance ± 5%. Allow exchange if outside the above range.

Steel box used to do?

As one of the popular products on the market of construction materials. With high durability and extremely large bearing capacity. Iron can play an indispensable role in civil and industrial construction. Typical applications include bearing frames, beams, trusses, railings, stairs, fences, iron gates, etc.

bảng báo giá thép hộp mạ kẽm

In addition, because of the outstanding advantages below, steel boxes and iron boxes are very much interested by customers:

  • Low production cost.
  • Longevity, high durability, use for many years.
  • Easy inspection, repair and maintenance

Iron box price at present is in a downward trend compared to previous times. Therefore, this is the right time for customers to order for themselves to minimize construction costs. If you want to buy construction steel products with a cheaper price than the above price list, please call the hotline for support and best advice.